The centralized robotic palletizing system has up to 40 SKU’s programmed into the system and will palletize up to 5 different SKU’s at a one time. The mechanical robotic gripper can handle multiple case sizes, pick and place two size pallets, and guarantees not to drop any product even in a power or air failure. Bar code scanning tracks the product as it enters the system to robots know which pallet to place, where to pick up the case, what pallet the case belongs to, and the correct pallet pattern for the case. The robotic cells where able to fit a small foot print and fit underneath a 12 ft clearance.



RDS has the largest inventory in the mid-west of re-furbished 6-axis and 4-axis robots that can help justify your project. Reliable models like ABB, Motoman (Yaskawa), and Fanuc available in different sizes. All robots pass our re-furbish checklist and have a standard one year warranty. Robots can be suitable for machine tending, palletizing, case packing, etc. Lets us help justify your tight payback or fast delivery schedule with our available inventory.


May 2011

New Disposable Liquid Drug Filling and Assembly System
This technology allows our customer to utilize pre-sterilized / pre-validated plastic filling train kits that allow companies to reduce autoclaving costs, validation costs, set up time, and reduces contamination risk between batches. The robotic system will take vials, cartridges, or syringes from bulk and assemble the components automatically at a rate of 100 parts per minute. The filling system uses peristaltic pumps that are aseptic to fill product with a fill volume accuracy of +/- Ѕ%. The peristaltic pumps are not only accurate but washable where the pumps components do not need to be autoclaved reducing validation costs, set up time, and contamination risk. The filling system is also programmable for different products.

March 2011

New washable High speed case Pick and place packaging technology, faster than other case packers on the market.
This technology is a cost effective solution for case packing of various products including food, pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products like bottles, trays, cartons, vials, etc and packages one or two cases per cycle to achieve the fastest packaging rates available. The y axis is programmable and the x axis is mechanically adjustable to meet various sizes of products. Payload capacities of up to 20lbs can be achieved and the system is built for high pressure washing/cleaning of IP67 standard. The Magnum Servo-Pack A series is designed for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies to allow advancing the case packing rates for a small foot print machines to a new level of above 30 cases per minute.

February 2011

Medical/pharmaceutical device assembly technology takes parts from bulk to assemble pharmaceutical devices using mechanical and programmable servo driven technology
RDS provides assembly and inspection of medical/pharmaceutical device including fabrication of the vibratory bowls, vision inspection technology, servo driven robotics to assemble and press the parts to complete the assembly of an auto-injector syringe product. All units are 100% inspected and tracked if a reject is detected the system automatically rejects the unit. Good parts are accumulated and stacked into trays one layer at a time by the machine.


December 2010

Centralized parts feeding to feed multiple production lines for assembly
Our latest technology starts with a large tote delivery and parts dumping into a centralized hopper. The parts get distributed by separate conveyors on demand to multiple feeding locations. These heavy duty conveyors hold up to 600 lbs of parts that can feed interlocking metal components. Belting for the conveyors prevents jams and are easily removable for parts maintenance. This technology eliminates the need for manual operators that were required to keep assembly lines full of product and down time from maintenance issues/jams on the line as well as reduces fork lift traffic.

November 2010

1st of a kind pharmaceutical liquid filling and assembly technology is developed for speeds up to 100 cartridges per minute using peristaltic pumps.
This state of the art machine assembles and fills two style cartridges with a change over taking about 15 minutes. A four component assembly gets filled to the accuracy of +/- .02 ml. The assembled cartridges include: tube, plunger, and needle assembly with stopper and disc. Components are assembled at 12 per cycle with high accuracy of assembly and filling. As parts are assembled vision inspection stations check parts that have been assembled for quality and rejects parts automatically into a tray with registered positions noting the specific rejects. Vision display screens give the operator a view of the inspections. The system is completely washable including the aseptic peristaltic pumps that do not require the parts to be autoclaved. These systems can be set up with disposable filling trains to reduce cleaning, set up time, autoclaving costs and contamination risk.


October 2010

New robotic printing technology for multiple size products and many different messages is developed by RDS.
Rapid Development Services develops a programmable robotic machine to print detailed information on multiple size cartons, crates, or products. The robotic system allows you to print on any location of the products 5 faces/sides. This high speed flexible system automates printing for all production and can adapt new printing data with programming changes. System has minimal changeovers from one size to another taking about 15 minutes with minimum ink usage and maintenance.