February 2015

New technologies for E-cigarette manufactures. Flexible automated machinery to fill, assemble, and inspect electronic cigarettes and/or cartomizers. Both plastic and stainless designs can be automatically assembled with RDS technology. Achieve rates up to 150 parts per minute.

February 2015

Centralized Robotic Palletizing Technology expansion – RDS 3rd generation 6-axis robotic palletizing design increases its payback potential by reducing capital investment, foot print of equipment, hardware required, etc. This technology can manage palletizing rates up to 60 cases per minute while palletizing 20 SKU’s simultaneously with payloads up to 40 lbs per case.

February 2009

Rapid Development Services, Inc. developed new flexible robotic case packer for metal cans of rectangular shape or round shapes. This Robotic case loader packs different size metal cans in multiple packaging layouts up to 120 cans per minute. This automatic system erects several case sizes, takes cans from a single file and organizes the cans to pick and place into one or two cases at a time. Case quantities vary from a 4 pack up to a 12 pack. Inspection is also done to the cans to help reduce any down time due to damaged cans coming down the line. The robotic loader provides programmable change over for the family of the cans and multiple case sizes. The system is integrated with standard case erector.

September 2008

Rapid Development Services, Inc. introduced new low cost bag inserter for the case liner. This centralized robotic packaging system takes product from multiple molding machines and sends to a centralized packaging cell. The turnkey system erect boxes, inserts plastic bag into the box, tracks the product and packs product into its proper case, check weighs for proper count, labels and seals case automatically. The machine is used for medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. This machine provides fast change over and uses bags with perforation on the roll. The machine is integrated with the standard case erector and operates at the rate of up to 20 bags per minute.

July 2008

Rapid Development Services, Inc. built robotic small pouch case packing system. This system is designed to provide tracking, weighing and selective case packing for multiple products, coming to the cell from several upstream lines. The system tracks ID numbers of the product from each line and selectively packs the product in the case that is assigned for each product. The system automatically prints and applies labels on the cases being packed.

May 2008

Rapid Development Services, Inc. engineered Robotic Modular Insert Molding loader. This system designed to handle two products on demand. The system has two products vibro-feeders with its parts delivery and staging area, providing multiple parts placement into the cavities of the mold of the plastic injection machine. The system is set up to be rolled to the standard insert molding press that uses indexing dial with lower mold tooling. The 6 axis robot with quick release end effector is capable to pick and place miniature components’ and provide vision inspection of the mold prior to indexing.