February 2015

New technologies for E-cigarette manufactures. Flexible automated machinery to fill, assemble, and inspect electronic cigarettes and/or cartomizers. Both plastic and stainless designs can be automatically assembled with RDS technology. Achieve rates up to 150 parts per minute.

February 2015

Centralized Robotic Palletizing Technology expansion – RDS 3rd generation 6-axis robotic palletizing design increases its payback potential by reducing capital investment, foot print of equipment, hardware required, etc. This technology can manage palletizing rates up to 60 cases per minute while palletizing 20 SKU’s simultaneously with payloads up to 40 lbs per case.


The centralized robotic palletizing system has up to 40 SKU’s programmed into the system and will palletize up to 5 different SKU’s at a one time. The mechanical robotic gripper can handle multiple case sizes, pick and place two size pallets, and guarantees not to drop any product even in a power or air failure. Bar code scanning tracks the product as it enters the system to robots know which pallet to place, where to pick up the case, what pallet the case belongs to, and the correct pallet pattern for the case. The robotic cells where able to fit a small foot print and fit underneath a 12 ft clearance.



RDS has the largest inventory in the mid-west of re-furbished 6-axis and 4-axis robots that can help justify your project. Reliable models like ABB, Motoman (Yaskawa), and Fanuc available in different sizes. All robots pass our re-furbish checklist and have a standard one year warranty. Robots can be suitable for machine tending, palletizing, case packing, etc. Lets us help justify your tight payback or fast delivery schedule with our available inventory.