Case Study

Robotic Batch Assembly with Multiple Parts Cycle – Normally, robots can perform many assembly tasks in 2-3 seconds, delivering 20-30 cycles per minute. RDS has developed various techniques for multiple parts feeding and presentation that will allow each robot cycle to deliver 4, 6, or 10 parts. This feeding technology can increase throughput to greater than 100 parts per minute rate, similar to dedicated automation systems. The flexibility of reprogramming the robot with modified feeding devices ensures that product changes can be accommodated and prevents the core equipment from becoming quickly obsolete.


Bio-Medical Disposable Tool Assembly – The assembly cell pictured assembles a 2 part disposable biomedical product which requires gluing the parts together. The end effector is equipped to handle 10 parts per cycle and the parts presentation equipment is configured to accommodate that flow. The system includes a standard bagging machine which has been integrated with the master PLC. The entire system is closed loop with performance feedback constantly monitored.