Our Clients

Partial List of our clients

Anheuser-Busch – Beverages

Arcade Marketing – Cosmetics [view recommendation]

Becton Dickinson Accu-Glass – Glass Medical Products

bioMerieux – Bio-Medical Products

Clayton Corporation – Consumer Products

Cooper Industries – Electrical Components

CPClare – Electronic Switches

CTS – Electronics, Resistor Products

Diagraph Corporation – Marking and Labeling Products

Diemakers – Precision Diecasting

Federal Mogul – Automotive Products

Johnson&Johnson, Vision Product Inc. – Eye Care Products

King Innovation – Specializes of innovative products for the Irrigation & Electrical Industries. [view recommendation]

Mallinckrodt Chemical – Medical Pharmaceutical

Manna Pro – packages animal food products [view recommendation]

Monsanto – Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Products [view recommendation]

Pfizer – Medical Device/Pharmaceutical

PohlmanUSA – Court Reporting and Litigation Services [view recommendation]

Teccor Electronics – PC-Board components

Young Dental Corporation – Medical Dental

Willert Home Products – Consumer Products

Triton Network System – Telecommunication [view recommendation]

WAI – Automotive Electronic Products

Winchester – Ammunition


Coupling the knowledge of custom machine building with standardized robotics allowed RDS to become a leader in the field of automation and robotics. Client confidence in the approach, due to minimal start-up troubles, ease of maintenance and “bullet proof” quality, has generated significant growth for RDS during the past 9 years.


Today RDS has implemented more than 300 complex, robotic, assembly and manufacturing projects worldwide. Many of the customers using these solutions have multiple installations.