Rapid Development Services, Inc. History

In 1983, Leon Gurevich and Emmanuill Grigg started Automatic Machine Design Company. Most of their work was centered on the development of specially designed machines. With the advent of computer technologies, AMD recognized the opportunity to capitalize on the expertise of its principals and develop a truly global approach to manufacturing solutions.

In 1993 Leon & Emmanuil changed the focus of the company and started Rapid Development Services, Inc. (RDS) to provide innovative manufacturing solutions by utilizing the latest technologies. The direction of the company was to move away from dedicated special machines in manufacturing and toward robotics as the core of its manufacturing.

To further enhance its capability to provide unparalleled expertise in automation, RDS acquired K.L.Winter Company in 1996. K.L.Winter has been a source for automatic machinery since 1947.

Coupling the knowledge of custom machine building with standardized robotics allowed RDS to become a leader in the field of automation and robotics. Client confidence in the approach, due to minimal start-up troubles, ease of maintenance and “bullet proof” quality, has generated significant growth for RDS during the past 13 years.

Today RDS has implemented more than 300 complex, robotic, assembly and manufacturing projects worldwide. Many of the customers using these solutions have multiple installations.