Robotic Pump into the bottle insertion system

Machine Name: Robotic Pump into the bottle insertion system

Model: Robo-Pump Inserter 100

Description: Programmable robotic system for insertion of the spray and dispense type pumps inside the bottle.

Functions: The system design to automatically feed, orientate and present the pumps to the robot. The robot with multiple gripper inserts pumps into the bottles staged on inline conveyor. The system has start the cap devices caps devices as an option.
Rate: 60-120 parts per minute
Pump size: Length: 6-10”, Width: 1-2.5”, Height: 1/8-3”
Bottle size: Length: 2-5”, Width: 1-6”, Height: 6-14”

pump_inserter4Robotic Pump Inserter into the bottle for Explosion Proof applications.