Oral strips handling


Breath Strips Machine / Cassettes for Medical / Pharmaceutical Products

Rapid Development Services, Inc. developed robotic line for breath strips manufacturing. This system handles edible film and provides cutting, stacking, cassette feeding, loading, assembly and labeling at the rate of up to 100 cassettes per minute. Separate Form Fill and seal machine packs cassetes into pouches at the rate of up to 300 cassettes per minute.

Breath Strips converting and labeling specifications:

Rate: 60-100 cassettes per minute
Cassettes: Plastic molded top with hinged cover – bottom and top snap together (mold for top and bottom is available)
Edible Film: Supplied on roll with or without a liner, 13.5″ wide includes automatic unwinding and feeding to a stacking section with manual assist.
Feeding Systems: Vibro-Bowls (2 each) to automatically feed and orientate top and bottom section of the cassettes. Film Cutting and Proprietary die cutting and stacking system creates multiple stacks of strips.
Stacking: Can be varied from 1 to 30 strips per stack.
Film Placement: 6 axis robot picks and places 10 sets of stacks into the plastic section of cassette.
Cassette Assembly: 6 axis robot assembles complete cassettes 10 per cycle. Cassettes stamped to secure top and bottom.
Discharge: Conveyor discharge unloads finished cassettes into a tub.
Controls: PLC – Allen Bradley SLC 5-04
Operator Interface: Allen Bradley PanelView 6″ color touch screen

One system can be demonstrated to prospective buyer and is offered for sale.