Robotic Parts Accumulator

Machine Name: Robotic Parts Accumulator

Model: Robo-Stack 1000

Description: This Cell is equipped with a 6-axis robot with indexer for parts tray transfer. The system is designed to work with Robotic Loader, Robo-Flex 100 as a buffer and can be used in conjunction with some other type of robotic loaders.

Functions: This system has end effector to pick up and place trays with compartments for multiple products. The robot stacks the trays in up to 6 separate stacks 12 trays per stack. The 6-axis robot handles empty and loaded trays on demand. System acts as a buffer and provides “first in – last out” product feeding.
Rate: 60-120 parts per minute
Parts size: Length: 1-10”, Width: 1-10”, Height: 1/8-3”
Cell size: 10’ x 10’

parts_accumulator3This high rate flexible robotic system has a stainless framework. The system is designed for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.