April 2008

Rapid Development Services, Inc. provides Factory Automation Consulting Services for Medical Device Automation. The application of Robotics for assembly of Medical Devices, Leon Gurevich is interviewed by the Manufacturing Engineering Magazine, SME, Page 70. (See the article in Medical Manufacturing Magazine 2008).

March 2008

Rapid Development Services, Inc. expands its Factory Automation Consulting Services to serve international markets. Company capitalizes it extensive knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation by offering its existing and new clients new services. (See Factory Automation). (Внедрение Автоматических линий в промышленности).

Jenuary 2008

RDS, Inc. has introduced new robotic cell for Beef and Pork processing. The robot can identify the area of the carcasses to be processed by vision camera and engage with the continuously moving product to perform various vision guided operations.

December 2007

Rapid Development Services, Inc. developed new Robotic Bag Palletizing Cell capable of handling 1, 2 or 3 bags per cycle. This cell can provide flexibility of palletizing various size bags without gripper replacement. The advantages of this new technology is its ability to palletize bags by controlling overlap of the face to face wedged top of the bags to create accurate, stable, bags inward leaning pallets.

November 2007

RDS, Inc. built robotic cell for secondary fabrication of the aircraft rivets. The system is designed to handle various size rivets and provide crimping and gauging of the product. Dual sets of tooling has allowed for uninterrupted production while one set of tooling is prepared for set up and calibrated, another set is accessed by the robot.

June 2007

RDS, Inc. developed new type of Robotic Screw -driving Cell for appliance assembly. This Cell employs six axis robots capable of driving self tapping screws at variety of angles in relation to the work surface. The cell has ability to feed short screws that cannot be fed by conventional tube feeding. The rate of the system is up to 20 screws per minute. The torques limits can be set and location of the passed or failed screws are displayed. System includes feeding and registration conveyor to transfer appliance in and out of the Cell.

May 2007

Rapid Development Services, Inc. has moved to a new location in order to expand our operations and service our clients better. The new plant has an increased 108,000 square feet of heavy industrial space and significantly upgraded electrical power. The building is located near the intersection of Lindbergh Blvd. and Page Ave. and is a well known St. Louis landmark.

April 2007

Rapid Development Services, Inc. has introduced a Modular Robotic Screw-driving Cell for large appliance assembly, including dishwashers, washer, dryer, AC and Furnace applications. The system is capable of automatically feeding and driving hexagonal screws at a rate of 4 seconds per screw.

October 2006

Rapid Development Services, Inc. has developed a new model of Automatic Pallet Dispenser, the PD-120. It is designed to handle different sized pallets and can dispense and restack them at a rate of 120 per hour.

June 2006

Rapid Development Services, Inc. introduces a new service: Pharmaceutical Line System Integration, providing complete line assembly, testing, debugging, installation and support. [view]